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26,253 Photographs

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2016-2017 West Henderson Year End Review

26,253 photos. 2+ Terabytes of disk space. 7 disk drives. Over 80 performances across 20 different event types. Approximately 480 hours of photo taking, editing, and posting. One academic year. One great school. And a heck of a lot of fun!

This past year I have had the honor of taking photos of all kinds of events at West Henderson High School. I have taken photos of almost every public activity at West Henderson and loved every minute of it. There have been many weeks where I was attending an event every night at the school. From being one the biggest volleyball groupies to hanging out around the Track & Field team as they performed so well at Regionals, I have loved taking photographs of the area youth in this community.

I have two wonderful children at West Henderson, and another at Rugby. I know many of the families represented by these events. And I’ve loved walking the sidelines taking photos of them scoring a critical point, or capturing their performances in a concert while their prideful parents watch from the audience. I have been blessed by the opportunity to witness how special these young people are up close. I’ve been excited by their accomplishments and wept at those few moments of disappointment. I’ve tried to capture photographs that showcase the student – photographs that families would be proud to hold onto to keep those memories alive forever.

I'm so appreciative of the welcome and access that the coaches, teachers, staff, and students have given me. They graciously allowed me to poke my lens into their activities and record intimate moments and their triumphs. I’m excited that the award-winning school yearbook and newspaper staffs thought enough of my work to include several of them in their publications. I’m excited to help teams with their end-of-season celebrations with slideshows and prints. It means a lot to me when someone comments on or likes a post, or grabs me when I'm out and about and lets me know they enjoy these photos. It takes a lot of time, but it is rewarding because I'm able to capture things forever that 

There are so many great memories of this past year. I will miss the graduating seniors, several of whom I was lucky enough to take senior portraits for. The class of 2017 is full of great leaders in academics, fine arts, and athletics. However, I have also been taking photos of the great group of 8th graders coming in from Rugby, and know that we will have more great leaders coming out of our area for years to come! And I am so ready for fall to get here so I can start photographing the new year!

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You can see many of the 26,253 photos on my website at www.BlueRidgeExpressions.com/west. Thank you for your support!

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