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I'm seeing on my Instagram and Facebook feeds parents proudly posting what their children's dorm room looks like as they help them move in. They are excited for their children, but also sad about the room that their college aged child has left behind. The room where they learned how to put puzzles together in. The room where they snuck over 1,000 candy bars into just in case they weren't interested in having broccoli for dinner. The room where they texted their first boyfriend and wondered if what they were typing was the right thing to say. The room where they tried their cap and gown on and practiced walking without that cap falling off!

In all the hubbub of the senior year, the focus is often on the senior, but the parents are also facing major changes. They have taught their kids to be great in all they do and helped them spread their wings and fly. But seeing them leave the nest is hard to do.

That is one reason why I love making great senior photos for families. It isn't just for the senior to remember who he or she was at this point in his or her life, but also for the parents to hold on to a slice in time. One of my favorite moments in the senior session is when I can coax mom and dad to have their portrait made with their teenager. Having a portrait that captures this fleeting moment where everyone is together is heartwarming, and a treasure for mom and dad.

Let's work together to help capture these moments so that both seniors and their parents are able to preserve these memories forever. Give me a call and let's schedule your appointment today!



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