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Congratulations on making it to your senior year!

As you start looking for a senior photographer to capture this very special year, you will have a lot of questions about the process. Here is an overview of the process that I use for a great Senior Portrait session. The goal is to have a unique and individual session tailored for you that will create and captures memories for your entire life.

bre_4557-Edit-Editbre_4557-Edit-Edit What should you expect?

Pre-consultation Meeting

The pre-consultation meeting is so very important. I want to get to know you and what you like: What are your hobbies? What are your dreams? What is your favorite thing about school? What will you do after High School? Who are your heroes? We’ll meet before your session with your parents and talk about what kind of photos you want to make. And where. The purpose of this brief time together is to get to know you better so when we do work together we can have fun creating something you like!

At this meeting, we’ll talk about wardrobe – both the one you want and the one your mom wants! And then we will decide where in these beautiful mountains to take the photos. We will answer any questions about the process you may have, and we’ll arrange a date and time for your unique session, and collect a deposit to hold your date on my calendar.

The Session

We will plan a no rushed session of about 2 hours. You can bring as many outfits you want to change into (we’ll talk about tips on how to change your look quickly). We may need to visit a couple locations to capture exactly what we want, so we’ll plan for your places to be close-by so we spend our time capturing images rather than driving!

My goal with the session is to help capture the unique person you are and record it in the camera. At the end of the session, you’ll wonder how time went by so fast and you’ll head home excited about the session and ready to see the final photographs!

Editing Compare - Taylor HatEditing Compare - Taylor Hat Editing

I will do a basic edit of the images I share with you. After you choose your favorite images and how you want to present them, I’ll further edit these chosen ones with all the latest tools to make sure you look as good as you remember it. This includes removing blemishes, correcting lighting issues, and do general editing to make you look your best. 

More extensive edits do require more time and will involve an extra charge. 

The Reveal

This is the part I have the most fun with. About a week to ten days after our session, we’ll get together again and show you your photographs. You will laugh, cry, giggle, and smile. And we’ll work together to help you select your favorite photographs of the day, and prepare for you an album, wall portraits, and other prints that you will want to share with your friends, family, and even your own children one day!


People sometimes think that a professional senior portrait session will cost you thousands of dollars. And while I can certainly sell you thousands of dollars’ worth of prints, you will need a large truck to get them to your house! My photos and session fees are much more affordable than you might think, with gift prints starting at $12 each. You will know the pricing before we start working together. No surprises. I want this to be stress-free for you, and for you to know what you are getting before the photo session begins. Of course, you may have trouble limiting your choices based on the incredible images we will get together!

The session fee covers our time together with the camera and the work involved to show you the images at your reveal, where you can order your prints and print products.

Social Media and Digital Images

As a part of your session fee, I will provide you select social media images so you can share with your friends and family online. They will be watermarked, and I ask that you not print these images. I am not a “shoot & burn” photographer: I sincerely believe that teens and families should have edited prints of their sessions - these are works of art that deserve to be on your wall, not locked in a phone! Additional digital social prints can be purchased.

While I promote wall art and printed images, I also do sell 8x12 sized digital images in higher resolution with only my corner signature mark in select packages.

And of course, I'll be able to make the best prints you can get from my raw images, at very competitive prices - and I will take more care in that printing process than a general lab will! 


One of the most special things that I offer to my seniors is a custom created photo album, capturing many of the images we took together. During our reveal session we will identify your favorite images, then I will work with this to create a 10-15 page album of our session together. This is a great way to hold onto your images for years to come - imagine curling up with your children showing them what you looked like when you were a senior. The Album will tell your story.

Senior Montages

Hichman Montage-EditHichman Montage-Edit I also offer special offerings that may interest you. One of my favorite things is to create a montage/collage of you – showing your interests in a large print or canvas. Into sports? We can build photos from your games in with your sports-themed photos. Or perhaps you sing in the choir? Let’s build an image of you singing a solo combined with other concert photos along with some staged images to create something that is uniquely yours!

Let me know if you are interested in something like this and we’ll work with these in mind. These packages are an add-on, but you will love hanging these large prints on your wall as a reminder of how much fun you have doing what you love!


Senior Cap & Gown Session - Included!

I have a highly personalized portrait service, and as a part of this service I include a mini-session each spring, just before graduation, so we can capture high-quality cap & gown photos for Blue Ridge Expressions' graduation announcements or as another item to hang on your wall with your other senior photographs.

A digital social media version of your favorite shot is included, delivered to you within 24 hours of your session. You will be able to select your favorite image immediately after the photography session and you can choose additional items to purchase if you like at regular prices. This free session is a gift to you for my local clients, and is worth over $100!

Contact Me!

Thanks for considering me to be your senior photographer. I do this because I love doing it, and want to help you have a blast! Working with me is more affordable than you might think, and we will work hard together to make sure you capture images that you are proud of!

For more information, email me, call or text me at 828-513-0209, or reach out to me on Social Media:

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Pat Shrader